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This is happening for me




hopeful and confident about the future

We’re gonna get smart and do whatever it takes. We’re very optimistic

Bill Gates

Are you a person of optimism? Do you always see the best in people or situations?

glad half full

Assuming the events of life will continue to transpire in your favour simply because it previously has, does not make you an optimistic person. Real optimism comes if you've ever been lucky enough to experience Murphy's law is in full effect in your life. Things can and will go wrong if you give them a chance. What does one do then?

Childhood is important.

In the previous writings we briefly touched on experiencing the same life events until you have an awareness of what these occurrences are teaching or attempting to teach you . So many are still caught in this loop. When life happens, the tendency to think the worst of the situation and/or people becomes the norm. They have unknowingly created a negative path of least resistance in their mind, conditioned to see and expect the worst even if the outcome is mostly unknown. And the cycle goes on... you face more adversity because you expect more adversity, building your character and behaviour on this belief, slowly shaping your reality into hell. This will inevitably leave you with the question so many have asked:

“Why is this always happening to me?”

It’s all in the mind

One of the keys to freedom is a simple change in perspective. From "why is this happening to me?" to "This is happening for me" Life is happening for me. For me to grow, to learn, to become who I am created to be. Even in the darkest of times, you're being moulded and shaped unknowingly. Embrace it. Get off the negative train of thoughts. Expect good and allow good to enter your life today. Take action my friend.

The utterances of the eternal mind must be used as tool to serve your purpose in this life. Do not let it use you.

As we are at the end of this fragmented scribble. I hope the reader understands that it's all you. Negative or positive, it's all you. I described the mind as a beautiful oasis that screams danger for the mere fact that if it isn't looked after it is a treacherous place indeed. Hell on earth.

So, are you a person of optimism? Do you always see the best in people or situations?

If somethings the thing to do, you do it, you know?

Warren Buffet

be kind to yourself

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