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The rat race

the rat race, finish line

I recall watching a few YouTube videos with the titles:

‘Why self improvement is ruining your life’

The basis of these videos were, in the pursuit of improving oneself, becoming more productive and achieving more, you some how lose your sense of self. Everything you do feels like a means to an end, to get better, to improve yourself, to achieve more. And the circle repeats.

5am club

In this eternal rat race to become “successful” many have come with their very own theories and laws to make this happen. I’m sure you’ve across the titles such as:

“The millionaire morning routine”


“How waking up by 5am has changed my life”

I am not neglecting the truths and benefit of these practices.

However, some may think “if I don’t wake up by 5am I’m never going to be successful”

or “I forgot to journal today, my day has been ruined”

The narrative and conditions of your thinking has been pre-set by these seemingly concrete ideas. Just because it works for one does not mean it will work for everyone. Why not set something that works for yourself, we are all individuals right? Why not think outside the bo...

Wait what?

Been a while...

I need to read. I should really be reading, can’t sit here in silence.

What's the name of that book again? Oh yeah 'Do hard things’

You have to do the hard things in life even if you don’t want to, that's how you become successful, that's how you make it.


It must be, its been written, it must be true, so many people can vouch. So many people has practiced this and shown that it works. Everybody that works hard becomes successful.


What about the person who's been working hard all their lives to retire with nothing? Who knows.

Why can’t I define my own success?


Its a man made thing to be a made man. The irony... They really got us.

Yesterday was good though, I read my bible, felt like I accomplished something, need to try harder, need to get up and grind! Interesting choice of word (grind).


Woke up late today... Don’t worry ty again next time.

think outside the box

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