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The Train Of Life

Updated: May 22

In C.S. Lewis’ book ‘Surprised By Joy’, He described the future as

a line not yet drawn or a line that can’t be seen.

This simple statement was the seed that began a life-altering journey, questioning two phenomena some believe control this entire universe – destiny and coincidence.

You may be thinking, “not another one, not another future know it all, not another fanatic who is trying to lead me to his own conclusions”. On the contrary, these writings (if you'd like to call them that) are mere explorations, and my hope is that you will be able to come to your own conclusions through what will be presented.

Life Events...

One morning I jumped on board a south bound Victoria line train (heading towards Victoria ironically). This was the first of a two-part journey to Fulham Broadway, my then work place. On my journey, I noticed a middle-aged woman dressed in a sharp black suit with minimal make up and her hair tied in a bun.

As the automated, elegant, female voice proclaimed, "stand clear of the closing doors”, she attempted a quick dash for the doors before they inevitably closed, stopping her from proceeding with her journey as she waited for the next train evidently gutted as we exchanged awkward smiles.

As she stood there on the platform, I couldn’t help but wonder if her thoughts and emotions in that moment were directly linked to what had just occurred. Regret maybe?

She missed the train.

Instantly, I began to question what effect this may have on her day, and even the rest of her life. Who she may meet, what she may see, even a thought that could cross her mind… The possibilities are endless with just this one life event. I began to recall the bombings that took place in London on July 7, 2005. I thought of those who ran for that specific train and caught it, and the individuals that missed it. A moment of relief, anger, happiness, frustration, thoughts of what could have been, compared to what comes next...

Who is to say what that could be. Is it destiny? Were certain people chosen to perish, while others to live? Or, are they just mere coincidences where you win some you lose some. Is it still a coincidence when it involves a life, and the ripple effect caused by a single death?

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