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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Public Transport… A space where we are forced to face our deepest fear... Strangers.

200919 Homeward bound
Taken by

I find it interesting how recluse individuals become once inside a train, there is almost an intolerance for their fellow human beings. Preferring to indulge in a world of negativity via the newspaper or illuminate their eyes with their mobile devices whilst an influx of life lessons, opportunities and meaningful interactions pass us by. Why not take a moment and begin a conversation with your fellow stranger, you just might be pleasantly surprised by their response.

Life events...

On a peculiar train journey, sat across me was a gentleman with ‘daydreamer’ tattooed on his forearm. I weren't much of a tattoo fan, however, that particular one intrigued me, maybe because i too see myself as day dreamer. Observing as i do, he appeared very care free, laid back, eating his sandwich which he seemed to be enjoying very much i must add. We both laughed at the various humorous incidents that occurred around us on the train . As we got off the train we began to speak, turns out he's a photographer, gave me his business. Check out his website, creative individual.

Public Transport. A space where we are forced to face our deepest fear. Strangers.

We remained strangers afterwards...

sometimes the best conversations between strangers allow the stranger to remain a stranger.
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