Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Have you ever thought about how unimportant you might be?

I know I know we are all integral parts of this universe, we all have a role to play, our lives mean something, at the very least to someone.


Take a walk with me...

You are born into this world, fresh-eyed, egoless, brand new, a complete receiver ready to begin the journey of this thing called life.

As the early years go by you, you go from liquid to solid food, the body is constantly changing, you realise you can actually stand and walk with these two extended things we call legs. You begin to understand the perceived fundamental actions and reactions of humans and being a human.

Whilst all this is happening, your subconscious is subtly being shaped and moulded into what is expected, you minutely begin to lose your sense of self, now it's all about how you're perceived. You finally get a grip on the key mental and physical tools, the basic understanding of how one functions in this societal state of ours. Once you have even the slightest of grip on the type of reality you exist in, you're immediately thrown into these systems and rooms...full of dictatorial type individuals whose sole purpose is to lead, teach and inform. For some, this process could last up to 18 years, for others even more. What is the purpose of this you may ask... to become part of the masses of course.

During these years you've had your share of failed relationships, family issues lost and gained, new experiences, travelling, everything that encompasses "living". You finally come out of these systems and rooms, with a sense of accomplishment and a perceived new sense of self, fresh-eyed, eager to tackle the "real world".

Months go by and success! you find yourself a spot in the "real world", a series of systems and rooms full of dictatorial type individuals whose sole purpose is to lead, teach and inform. You come to the realisation this is to be your routine for the majority of existence, amongst other subconsciously influenced life accomplishments. You travel back and forth and from room to room, space to space, commuting, totally engrossed in this life you've created for yourself and all that it involves, you're in tunnel vision mode, a series of tasks and milestones, dependants, goals. this is your life and your life alone.

After a long day at work, you jump on the train, thinking what's for dinner, contemplating reading, whilst remembering to pick dry cleaners for your girlfriend. You finally

wake up from your trance of thoughts, look up and see a man sitting opposite you with a huge healed scar by the side of his left cheek. It followed the line of his jaw. The man is laughing and joking with his presumed partner, completely engrossed in the topic of conversation, something about a work colleague and the manager...

You believe you're covertly observing these two individuals, however, a couple of glances at you from the two proved otherwise. As they exited the train at their stop, they take one final look at you and smile.

Right there and then, it dawned on you... you were just a random observer in their epic life story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you'll never know existed, in which you only appeared once...


Sonder | The Realization That Everyone Has A Story