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Nothing last forever

You're just like me only happy

When you get to leave the party

We never say goodbye we just go

They teleported from corner to corner. Exploring every space in this new world. Only grasp of reality was each other. Eye contact felt like a delve into the universe, one saw the deep alluring emptiness of space, there was profound, captivating love and a yet slight hint of coldness, as if to say "you can get hurt". The other saw bright stars, that could easily blind you from the ambiguous truth of this being. The waterfall came falling down, not wanting to drown, the gaze was broken.

You're just like me far from normal

Too impulsive anti-social

We bring out the baddest parts of us

The silence spoke volumes, there was no awkwardness or wanting to speak. It was perfect. To be able to sit in complete silence with someone is to understand them completely. One looked and asked "Is this all you wanted?" to which the response was "no..." waterfalls came streaming down, out of which came the whisper... "this is all you're getting..."

In that moment there was a realisation... "I am drowning... I have been a fool...the siren... the bold temptress, you're so tempting..."

We're just people made of broken pieces

I got secrets you got secrets in your eyes

Why does sad love always taste the sweetest?

We got reasons, we got reasons you and I

Observing the observer admiring the reflection of oneself. Was this all a game?... Was it even real? They sang with passion together in unison yet detached from the lyrics, they stared intensely with coldness, both as shallow as a puddle, yet as deep as the ocean. Was this all an act? This beautiful new world they created began to be tainted, there were cracks in the atmosphere... Literally, the sun broke through the curtains. It was day time. The world they created was no bigger than a prison cell but it felt like an entire universe to them. A World within a world. Nothing outside seemed to matter. Nothing outside existed.. Until now.. They both saw the flaws in each other... They were both alike.. Deep cold-hearted love... As they sat on the floor, coming to the end of this journey... She whispered to him...

"this was just an experience... its not forever..."

His world shattered, there was silence... he took the lesson in.

Everything doesn't have to last forever... Experiences come and go, people come and go... Let them go when it's time... We tend to hold onto to things longer than we should. Be present, live fully.

She opened the door, gave one final look, and exited, never to be seen again... He laid there... Alone once again...

The song continued to play in the background...

I got secrets you got secrets in your eyes

We got reasons, we got reasons you and I...

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