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Leashed Freedom

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

As I observed my surroundings, it seemed like a perfect utopian afternoon. Family gatherings, couples picnics, dogs gallanting about occasionally staring in my direction as if to say this is it.. this is freedom! are missing out!...

All this whilst on their extended leash.

Dogs... What do they know?...

When the word "freedom" is mentioned, what comes to mind?

At least for me, it was thoughts being able to whatever you wanted. No boundaries, no social construct dictating your every behaviour and movements, consciously or unconsciously. Nobody looking over your shoulder saying and asking things like:

"What are you doing?" "Where are you going?" "You shouldn't be doing that."

Giving unwanted opinions and advice...

That's what it means to be genuinely free right?

Life events...

Nature can teach us many things all we have to do is observe and let the lessons flow.

I had been forced to sit and observe nature due to our current world situation. As previously explained, this was not something I was used to.

Nevertheless, on this particular afternoon, I observed the gentle breeze being and its change of intensity from light to heavy. I observed a tree being, in a rhythmic state, swaying with the tempo of the breeze, all the while remaining rooted. I observed the branches swinging back and forth occasionally bumping into each other, creating a sort of symphony with the sound of nature. Then I noticed a single leaf that was plucked from a branch almost with a gentle finesse swaying back and forth as it made its journey to the ground... "Freedom!" …I thought.

There was a pause and then It carried on dancing occasionally flying high and then low.. "Beautiful!" I thought... What a beautiful dance this leaf is displaying, living out its best life. It eventually blew past me and then past another individual and as the breeze subsided for a moment. The leaf was left on the ground. All it took was a single step, and then another and another... the leaf was buried deep into the soil. As the breeze picked up again, the dance was over... It was caught in the muck never to dance again... "Tragedy!" I thought.

Perhaps true freedom is remaining rooted, perhaps true freedom allows you to create boundaries for yourself, so the world doesn't have to, maybe just maybe having an extended leash isn't such a bad thing.

Dogs... What do they know?...

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