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Be like the tree

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

About an hour into my climb to the top of the acropolis, it dawned on me... "I did not come prepared". Black t shirt, black jeans, thick black Nike trainers, no food or water, these were among-st some of the detrimental mistakes i made. As i proceeded further into my journey, my once focused walk now similar to the crawl of a child, sweating immensely, blinking constantly to avoid the stinging consequence. I began to ponder the purpose of this spontaneous journey, the purpose of my life, I mean, why put myself through such torment?

As my mind began to spiral with questions of why, i took a deep breath, paused for composure and onward we go.

A further 20 minutes had passed when I began to approach the top of this miraculous edifice, now filled with a new appreciation for perseverance. I found a small pocket where I could silently observe for a while.

Feeling the gentle breeze as I stood atop a cantilevered edge admiring the skylines of this historical city. The climb was indeed worth it. The sublime views of mountains and nature were breathtaking, a couple hours ago I was staring into the souls of my fellow humans, now I'm looking down on ants, constantly moving, constantly building , always something to do, somewhere to go. For whom might all this be for I pondered. The queen of course I concluded.

The wind now beginning to pick up speed my gaze fell upon a small family with a young boy a few meters from me. The boy seemed to be having the best time of his life, unknowing to him the tragic event that was about to befall upon him.

Life events...

The wind took the young boys hat.

As he began to scream and cry I thought to myself, who is he angry at? himself perhaps? the wind? or simply the event of loosing ones hat, perhaps it was his favorite hat, maybe it was new. Nevertheless his emotions were a direct response to the event that took place.

I thought to myself an older or a more powerful man would have fallen victim to the wind in the same scenario, although the emotional response may differ slightly, the event remains the same.

The battle of man vs nature is a test that reveals character. Nature simply does, its just being you might add, even if it builds or destroys, there is no malice, there are no hidden agendas, the rain falls on the just and unjust. Its our response to these events that is important, perhaps our response should be a continuous flow of being, a bit like a tree, undisturbed even when disturbed, unshaken even when shook.

Perhaps the correct response to loosing ones hat is "oh and so it is".

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