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Updated: Dec 11, 2022


After what seemed like 3 minutes, 2 minutes later the next series of carts arrived. An awkward nod of heads with the driver showed we’ve both had a wearisome day.

“I wonder what his life is like?” I thought.


And so, life goes on...

learn to rest not quit

It has indeed been a long day, my legs are fatigued from the arduous works I’ve been engaged in. As I look around to find comfort, to find safety in an empty space. A sudden realisation, this seems to be a reoccurring event in my life. The need to rest. There is a difference between feeling tired and feeling exhausted I believe. Tiredness can often be solved by simply resting the body, exhaustion on the other hand requires the resting of ones whole being, mind, body and spirit. I believe exhaustion is what I have been feeling lately. A deep rest is needed, perhaps a couple days off?... perhaps... Pardon me... I digress....

Unlike my previous experience. This time the spaces were plenty. On time as per usual, indecision came knocking on the door of the mind's eye... "where should one sit?" This morning I simply took what was available, less options requires minimum decision making. To build discipline, give yourself less options.

After a brief moment, I chose the most obscured space, hidden from the rest, close enough to make an exit undetected.

After all, who wants to be seen? Right?

A little smirk found its way onto my face. It is ironic the ones that do not want to be seen, the low-key individuals, often try their best to move around undetected, thinking attention is constantly on them. When, on the contrary, no one really cares, everybody is living in their own reality where you might only exist for a millisecond. As harsh as it may sound. In fact, making an effort not to be seen may cause you to stand out even more. So, if you are one of those individuals, where your attention is constantly on what others may think or say... stop caring my friend, live, nobody cares.

As I evoked the necessary motor signal allowing my physical form to execute the task of approaching this long-awaited seat. I was in disarray, perplexed in fact, my chosen space has been occupied. Quickly scanning the rest, all I see is a series of eyes dotted across the once empty spaces. To my dismay, I was still standing on the platform looking in from the window. I took too long. Damn you indecision, you struck again. To stand is still an option. Something told me to wait for the next one.


After what seemed like 3 minutes, 2 minutes later the next series of carts arrived. An awkward nod of heads with the driver showed we’ve both had a wearisome day.

“I wonder what his life is like?” I thought.


And so, life goes on...

This time determined to find my place of rest. Giving myself no time to think. I hustled my way into the cart before even looking around. To my surprise...

"Hello stranger, does this mean there will be a part 2 of nothing last forever?"

To be continued...

time is an illusion, timing is art

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I haven’t been completely honest with you

By now you might have gathered... The utterances' of the eternal mind... As poetic as it may sound, some may think it is a thing to be revered. On the contrary these Sounds and echoes are both heaven and hell, all circulating and intertwined within the catalyst of the minds eye. At this point It is down to the conscious thinker to indulge in the path of their own choosing. I suppose...

Choose your path

Sorry I haven’t been completely honest with you

The choice may have been taken away from some. Conditioned to live in hell on earth without realising. The choices of these individuals have been predetermined by life experiences and their upbringing. Failing to understand the eternal train of repetitive behaviours and decisions. They are stuck in constant loop of life events, never reaching their full potential. Playing in all sense the victim of life.

Are you one those individuals?

In all honesty, I haven’t been completely honest with you

Realisation and awareness are the ultimate keys to getting off this cycle. The moment you notice these patterns in your life is the beginning to true liberation. Will it be easy? No. It will at first take intense focus and will power to control the narrative of your thoughts. Every detail must be in your control until it is programmed into your subconscious.

Good luck my friend.

“Move... you can move this way or you can move that but you have to move”

American dad is actually deep.

move, make a decision

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Often times I ask myself to whom am I writing to?

I suppose the simple answer is whoever cares to read.

You? Maybe...

Put simply, these are the thoughts and ideas that seemed to have made it into a somewhat writeable form. Much needed therapy, a bit like journaling. Some truths, some exaggerated truths and some simply fiction. I'll leave you to interpret as you please. All in all they all come from within, a small part of myself you could say.

We are also constantly evolving. Who you are today isn’t who were yesterday.

And so life goes.

These are merely fragments from a destroyed asteroid, racing its way through space. The outcome of which is unknown, either crash and burn or metamorphosise upon arrival.

The latter is preferable.

Often times I wonder how my perception of life would have changed, picking up Such Is Life Journals in the future.

It is a thing of beauty to able to look forward and backwards through the minds eye.

The whole of eternity can be captured, that is the finiteness of it. finiteness? Is this even a word? Sounds good...

Bear with me .

Take full advantage of the boundless creativity and imagination of the mind . Get right down to the details. First you see it in the minds eye then you see it in the physical. Have fun with it. After all life really is for living. Live!

Do you know the difference between a man and a government bond?

The bond matures!


There I go being distracted again, that advert was funny though. Focus!

Until next time.

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